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December 11, 2013
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Sleep is for the Dead by takamo Sleep is for the Dead by takamo
After his foray into the Grumpy Cat line of attire, our favourite scribe has some of his snark back.  Guess the pajamas really don't make the sleep worth while.

If you have a question for the scribe, head on over to!  If you have a tumblr of your own, feel free to follow, and ask a question too!  Don't worry, he's too tired to actually bite. ;)

As always, Bigsley's (c) his creators and Bethesda.  I only fool around for fun and not money, so please.. no suing?
One day I shall be brave enough to actually ask a question.

Although I still need to answer the one I have for you in my own ask box whoops. @.@
takamo Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, don't be afraid!  It may take me a while to get to questions, since I have a full-time job, but I eventually will answer them all. In all honestly, I don't really have a system.  I just look at the ones I have gathered and go 'Yes, this is a good one to work on today.'  Some of them I have set aside for certain things, like Valentine's day. 

I've only received one troll in the year I've been doing this tumblr.  And, I could tell it was a troll, so I deleted it.  So, saying that, I've never received a bad question.  I love all the varieties of inquiries the blog's received.  Some are hilarious and others actually take me a while to think about.   So please, ask away-- and take your time in answering mine.  Just let me know via tumblr inbox when you do, because I do go through periods where I don't get on tumblr.  If you want, my main tumblr is this: 

For the longest while, I've roleplayed as Arcade with my spouse.  I can say that, while you and I probably have different views of the character, I do enjoy your interpretation of him.  I think you do fairly well.  A while ago, I played him on FB.  His FB is still active, but I kind of let it fall to the wayside, which is sad.  That was kind of fun, interacting with people as him.  

But yes! All digressions aside, feel free to answer a question.  I promise Bigsley won't be too horrible.  Otherwise, no one would ask questions at all. ;)  One of my more fave, personal ships is Arcade/Bigsley, born from an rp I'd done with my spouse.  While that didn't work out fairly well, I'm still willing to try and see how it might work out with someone else writing  Arcade.  That being said, I mainly do one-on-one rps via IM on AIM if you're ever interested; though I'm rarely on these days due to life and jobs. :/ 'Tis a sad thing indeed.
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